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At FDJS, we are a jack of all trades! Aside from providing premium DJ services, we are also equipped and ready to provide you with the best sound, lighting, and video in the market. We care about each and every event, which is why we only use the best quality equipment with the capability of making your event a success. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting clean and powerful sound with beautiful lighting visuals.

Our Tools

(some of them ;))

Need a rock-solid, rough and ready high-performer that keeps it coming gig after gig? Done.

Our BassBoss SSP218  powered subwoofers offer an extremely cost-effective solution for those who need big bass for the broadest range of applications, providing huge low end for the price, and proven reliability.

Countless gigs later, ready to boom. After beer spillage, late night-knocks, accidental mixer overloads, DJ debacles, and the regular wear and tear of providing people with a reason to dance, our SSP218's will be right there with you, ready for more.

The MB1 is a powerful beam moving head, housing an 80W LED engine. This compact unit has the capability of projecting a strong output and long throw. It is equipped with an 8-facet circular and 6 facet linear prism that can create unique aerial effects. The unit features a frost filter, remote focus, fixed gobo wheel and color wheel that can be used to generate a variety of color and visual combinations as well. The MB1 can be used in multiple applications such as mobile DJing, church, theater and even club environments.
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